Veterans Squaring Away Veterans

VSAV will provide free life-time support to Veterans and their families dealing with issues associated with transition and integration into our communities. VSAV’s unique approach is our Peer Advisors – experienced Veterans committed to ensuring issues are resolved and caring for the Veterans and their families for life.

The success of the organization will result in expansion of our services across the nation. Based on the analysis of Veterans’ demographics, this expansion is intended to provide our peer advisor capability wherever Veterans and their families live. The expansion toward a regional capability will ensure VSAV remains relevant to the needs of the Veteran population.


VASV provides world-class, results-oriented, credible, timely, and highly cost effective services to assist Veterans and their families.

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We are dependent upon sponsorship and donations to make our program work for Veterans and their families.

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Founded in 2013. VSAV provides Veteran-to-Veteran assistance including mentorship, advocacy and liaison for the challenges facing Veterans and their families. Our experienced, results-focused Peer Advisors maintain this relationship for life.

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